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The NUMTUBE website was created following many studies in the field of numerology and the assessment of thousands of birthdates worldwide. Dozens of numerology calculators have been developed for the NUMTUBE site, which are based on thousands of mathematical formulas. The numerology calculators will help you make the most important decisions in your life.

There are numerology calculators available in a variety of areas: Numerology and Health, Numerology and Relationships, Numerology and Sports and others. On NUMTUBE you can find numerology calculators to help you decide when to undergo surgery, whether a particular romantic relationship is suitable for you, or to help you know a person's character. The website contains additional unique calculators. 

The numerology calculators were developed by Yoram Cohen, a numerologist with a BA in psychology. Yoram has worked in numerology for many years and during this time has assessed tens of thousands of birthdates. Yoram’s knowledge of psychology has been very useful to assess and understand the meaning of numbers in people’s birthdates.

How to use NUMTUBE’s numerology calculators?

This site contains are a wide variety of numerology calculators. The homepage lists the categories into which the calculators fall. First, enter your personal details: birthdate and name. After, choose the topic for which you want the numerology calculator to provide an answer. After you have chosen the topic area, the available numerology calculators will be displayed. Choose the calculator you want and then click on “Calculate” to receive the results. Occasionally you will have to provide additional information for the selected calculator.