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Numerology operates according to the phrase “Everything is foreseen and freedom of will is given.”


“Everything is foreseen” – Our destiny gives us opportunities according to our birthdates and at the timing appropriate to our personal stage in life.


“Freedom of will is given”- It is our responsibility is to choose the opportunities appropriate to our birthdate. For example, if we own a business and want to expand it, we need to know if we are in the business that is right for us and if the timing is right to make a business change; if we are in the correct field, fate will help us so our business will succeed and we will realize our destiny.

Numerology according to Yoram Cohen, a numerologist with a BA in psychology:

When we look at the world, we see that nearly everything is defined as probabilities and statistics, e.g., when we buy a lottery ticket our odds of winning the jackpot are 1 to several millions. Before we undergo surgery the doctor explains the chances for success for our specific operation. We can already determine at a young age whether a certain child will be successful in a particular career, in society and in family life – but does everything necessarily happen the way we predict? Most of us have good years and years that are less successful. Two businesses in the same field, in the same city and even on the same street should be equally successful, but is that what really happens?


Numerology also operates according to probability and can, very accurately, give us our rates of success in just about any area of our lives. Numerology can tell us which year has a high potential to have a child, in what year we need to be particularly careful in order to stay healthy, on what day we should have an operation, in what year an athlete should switch teams and what team would be the best match, in what year to play the lottery, or in what year to open a business and in what area to ensure the best chance of success.

All around us, we see people who are very successful and people who are less successful, but their success isn’t always connected to their skills. Everyone sees others being promoted in the workplace and the promotions are not necessarily related to talent; if senior management is listed in a person’s numerology then fate will favor him and give him the tools to fulfil his destiny.