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What is Numerology Theory?

Numerology is a numerical theory that can help us understand the mystical meaning of the numbers in a person’s date of birth and name. According to a person’s birthdate and name we can know what his characteristics are and what his purpose is in this world. Numerology helps in a variety of areas in our lives, such as in choosing a partner, choosing a profession, health issues, etc.


Numerology theory is based on three factors:

  1. Our mission
  2. Time and the timing to act in our lives
  3. Everything is foreseen, and free will is given

Numerology – Mission based on a person’s birthdate:

According to numerology theory, each of us has a mission, which is our purpose in this world, and through our dates of birth and names we can know what our purpose is, our mission in this world, which is a constant throughout our lives. Additionally, we have other tasks that we must accomplish in our lives based on our birthdates and in accordance with our environment’s changing needs.  Just as every person has a defined role in the workplace but may still undertake other responsibilities, likewise in this world every person has a set mission but sometimes we need to take on additional roles in our lives according to our birthdate and in keeping with the environment we are living in.


Numerology Timing – The cycle of life according to numerology:

According to numerology theory, life occurs in a 9-year cycle.

Every year has its own role and we must maximize our use of every year so as not to wait for opportunities in the following cycle. In addition, each year’s months and days can improve or lessen what we need to accomplish in the year.