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Year 1:

This year focuses on new, significant beginnings in a number of areas in particular: a year to start a meaningful relationship, a year to establish a relationship, a good year to have children, a good year for a change in employment, a good year, generally, for new beginnings.


Year 2:

This year focuses on hypersensitivity, a year to make connections, a year in which it is difficult to realize our potential. During this year there is a strong desire for relationships, one has to be careful about one’s physical and mental health, and during this year it is not recommended to make significant life changes.


Year 3:

This is a year for opportunities in all areas; fate creates opportunities for every one of us according to his date of birth. During this year it is a good idea to buy lottery tickets.


Year 4:

This is a year for corrections; during this year fate assesses the course of our lives during the previous years and responds to what we have done correctly and what we need to fix in order to fulfil our destinies. This is a year when it is hard to get things done. During this year, we need a strong connection to the soul, to prophetic dreams; during this year be careful not to break the law. It is a year to make financial progress but it is necessary to be careful. This is a good year to address issues relating to the home.


Year 5:

A year of changes that follows the year for corrections to actually change the course of our lives according to our purpose. During this year there is a strong desire for change, a desire to enjoy oneself, a desire to see the world and a strong desire for freedom. This is the best year to move or renovate the house, a good year for a significant relationship and a good year to become pregnant.