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Year 6:

This year is dedicated to the family, and a year in which there are family events: marriage, births. This is a year to establish connections. There might also be unwanted family events during this year.


Year 7:

A year to rest and learn, a year in which fate has great power and assesses again whether we have made the changes necessary to fulfill our purpose in this world. In this year our energies are weak, making it important to be well rested so as to avoid getting sick. During this year we become close to our spirit, there is good intuition, in this year it is recommended to avoid initiated economic steps. During this year there is a desire to be alone.


Year 8:

This year gives us energy and is more preoccupied with career and money full of action, promotion, thoughts on finance, strong drive, but requires us to be careful about the law. This year, together with Year 9, prepares us for a new stage in life.


Year 9:

A year of endings, a year that prepares us for a new period in our lives, a year in which there is indecision on every topic. 

It is very important to know that first of all, we need to fulfil what is written in our fate and only afterwards is the timing of actions throughout our lives important. For example, if we are involved in a profession that is not in our destiny, even good years will be less satisfactory than would be the case if we were in the correct profession.