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Numerology and Sports:

Numerology can give advice about sports:

A person’s date of birth and name can help us understand his characteristics, which is particularly true for foreign players because most information we have about them is statistical. Numerology theory can determine if a player is in a good period and if he is a good match for a certain team.

Timing - Numerology can determine if the player is currently in a good period of time. If this is a good time for him, numerology may recommend extending the current contract or acquiring a particular player.

Sports Betting – A player’s fitness level in a particular season, month or even one particular game can be calculated based on his date of birth and name. It is also possible to determine whether the coach will be in a good or bad period of time; because the coach is impacted by his team’s successes or failures, it is possible to know, based on the coach, what sort of season the team will have.

When I provide a tip about sports betting I check which team is the favorite and then use numerology to determine one piece of data that will reveal which team is likely to be successful, based on assessing the date of birth of the team’s coach and star players.

This website will use numerology to analyze players’ fitness level on game day and, based on the results, we can help you place bets that have a high probability of success.


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