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According to numerology, each of us was born to engage in a particular field to ensure balance in the world and, therefore, the field in which we work is crucial for our professional success. Just as in the workplace everyone has a role to perform to ensure the organization’s success, so too in the world each of us has a role to play to fulfill our destiny.


The following are numerology calculators about careers:

        Best Year to Change Jobs - This numerology calculator examines the most appropriate timing to change jobs.

        Occupation - This numerology calculator recommends you the best occupation for you according to your birthdate and your name and then gives a recommendation.

        Good Day to Sign a Contract - This numerology calculator recommends the best day to sign a new contract.

        Best Day for a Job Interview - This numerology calculator recommends the best day for a job interview.

        Employee Qualities - This numerology calculator makes recommends to employers about potential employees’ qualities, such as  teamwork, positive attitude, flexibility and adaptability, ability to learn, professional ethics, responsibility, common sense, enthusiasm, creativity, and emotional intelligence. The calculator provides a recommendation.

        When to Job Hunt - This numerology calculator recommends the best year for a job search.

        Request a Raise - This numerology calculator recommends the best year to request a raise in salary.

        Self-employed or Employee - This numerology calculator recommends whether it’s best for you to work for someone else or whether you should be self-employed.

        Working Abroad - This numerology calculator assesses whether you should work in a different country and then provides a recommendation.