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Numerology and Finance

Money issues are important in numerology theory and based on your birthdate we can know your economic potential: Should you make risky investments? When the best is time to invest your money and when is the best time to sign financial contracts? Is it a good idea to become a partner in a joint venture? Is your partner reliable? And is your partner’s fate favorable on economic matters? Using numerology we can suggest the best areas to invest in and when to take advantage of business opportunities that fate provides you.


Below are numerology calculators for financial matters:


        Day to Sign Financial Contracts - The numerology calculator recommends the best day for you to signing financial contracts.

        When to Invest - The numerology calculator examines if you are in a year that is good for economic investments.

        When to Start a Business - The numerology calculator assesses the best year to open a business.

        Business Partnership Assessment - The numerology calculator assesses whether your partner is reliable and whether his fate will help him succeed financially and finally will provide a recommendation.

        Is Fate Favorable in Financial Matters - The numerology calculator assesses whether fate will help you in financial matters and will give a recommendation.

        Luck and Gambling - The numerology calculator assesses your chance of winning at games of chance, and whether you are in a good year for winning in games of chance.