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According to numerology theory, marriage and having children is the most important topic. According to birthdates we can know how well a couple is matched and thus know the probability that their relationship will be long-term.

The numerology calculators for relationships and having children:


Calculator for Relationship Compatibility - This calculator assesses the compatibility of two people based on numerology theory.

Divorce Potential Calculator - This calculator assesses your probability for divorce.

Sexuality Calculator – This numerology calculator assesses your sexuality level according to numerology theory. The calculator gives a score and recommendation statement.

        Suitability of First Name Based on Birthdate – The numerology calculator will assess if your first name is suitable to your birthdate and will recommend names that match your birthdate. Our first names provide us with our dominant characteristic in our lives and, therefore, it is important that they match our birthdates so they will positively affect our destiny path.

        Who Does the Child Belong To? - According to numerology theory, every child belongs to one of the parents and this calculator assesses whether the child belongs to the mother or father: if the child belongs to the father it is likely that he will be similar to him and if the child belongs to the mother the child will resemble her.

        When to Get Pregnant - The numerology calculator assesses the best year to conceive. The result’s means that if the pregnancy is at the right time there is a high chance that it will be an easy pregnancy without complications. A low value means that the pregnancy will not be easy.

        When to Get Married - The numerology calculator assesses which year is best to get married.

Romance - The numerology calculator a person’s level of romance and provides a recommendation statement.