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According to numerology, the area in which we live has a big influence on our destiny and on our success in other areas. There are people who should live near the sea, others whose destiny guides them towards living in a single-family home, and still others who should live at an elevation. Our numerology calculators will inform you of the best time to move, or the best time to sign a real estate contract to buy a home. The calculators can also determine if you should choose to live in a different country. Even your house number can have an impact on your destiny.


The following are numerology calculators for where to live:

        Is a Single-family Home Right for Me? - The numerology calculator assesses whether you should live in a single-family home and makes a recommendation.

        Residing in a Different Country - The numerology calculator assesses the probability of you living in a different country and provides a recommendation.

        When to Move - The numerology calculator examines the best year for you to move to a new home.

        Signing a Contract on Buying/Selling a Home - The numerology calculator guides you towards the best time to sign a sale or purchase contract for a home.

        Living by the Sea - The numerology calculator assesses whether fate is leading to live near the sea or by open spaces.