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Numerology can help us with sports. Numerology can help us learn about an athlete’s characteristics, which helps us understand if the athlete is suitable to a particular team or how he can improve his performance.


The following are numerology calculators for sports:

        Recommended Player Jersey Numbers - This numerology calculator recommends the most appropriate jersey numbers for a player based on his birthdate and name. The calculator also gives a recommendation for every athlete and, in addition, gives a recommendation for referees’ jersey numbers and jersey numbers for soccer players based on their positions.

        When to Switch Teams - This numerology calculator recommends the best day for switch to a different team, based on birthdate and name.

        Who Should Make a Penalty Kicks on a Given Day - This numerology calculator assesses whether it is a good day for a certain player to make penalty kicks.

        Player Characteristics - This numerology calculator examines a player’s personality according to five parameters: learning ability, diligence/competitiveness, reasoning ability, emotional resilience, how well he does in a group/sociability, and provides a recommendation.

        Potential for Injuries - This numerology calculator assesses an athlete’s potential for injuries and in which year the probability of an injury increases or decreases, and provides a recommendation.

        When to Sign a Contract - this numerology calculator recommends to athletes the best day to sign a contract.

        Probability of Playing in a Different Country – Based on birthdate and name, this numerology calculator examines the probability of the athlete to play in another country and then provides a recommendation.